Time To Shop Around

As my library of novels will grow, so will my own products. Given that I’m an illustrator and graphic designer, it’s way past time that I have a spot for people to purchase other items besides novels, like posters! That area of my store is still a work in progress, given I want to go […]



“Evaluations” Heading To Wattpad

  What’s in? A couple of months ago, I announced my introduction to Wattpad, and the excitement I had behind it. “Evalutations of the Tribe” sounded like a great fit for the site, so I’ve been hammering away to prep the manuscript for the site’s unique format. Well, formatting for the first act in the […]

New Prossia Covers

As I prepare for DragonCon this September, I’m doing a little touching up here and there in all the books I have out in the Prossia series so far. The interiors really didn’t need too much attention, but I got some great professional advice on what I could do to enhance my covers from Kevin […]