Prossia Novels Will Be Amazon Exclusives

I’ve always published my novels on as many of the main online outlets as possible. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo,and Smashwords seem to be the big hitters, with Amazon of course reigning as the current King of the Hill. As of now, Amazon accounts for virtually all of my sales, and there seems to be a […]


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Prossia Series In Need of Some Changes

Hey there! As always, the end of the year is always an exciting busy one for yours truly because another novel is due. In this case, Prossia Revolution is the one to hit the pavement and running! That means there’s three books out there to tickle your greenie-loving fancies! Still, more products means a change […]

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Prossia Revolution : By Raphyel M. Jordan

Where Were You When You Had To Stand Up?  For Cy, Vuro, and a handful of other young alien soldiers, it begins with a lie. When their Galactic Order fuels a devastating war spawned by centuries of conspiracies, the cycle breaks once the determined warriors reveal these secrets to every planetary nation. Now they can […]