New Color Scheme, “Evaluations” Update, & Pirate Bee’s Book Reveal

What’s in? Things around here are starting to settle down, so I can finally give you a proper update on things:   Pirate Bee Color Scheme I said this would be the year of Operation: Pirate Bee few months back, and I mean to follow through with that. So, goodbye classic green, and hello Pirate […]


Operation: Sand Gnat

“Evaluations” Print Update

The last time we chatted, I discussed plans on releasing “Evaluations of the Tribe” in print, so I wanted to give an update on how that process is going. One word: BAD The good news is as of the time you’re reading this post, a proof aka mock copy of the book is on its […]

“Evaluations of the Tribe” Coming To Print

  Evaluations of the Tribe, the prequel to Prossia, has been available exclusively on e-book since November of last year. Because of that, only people who enjoy reading their novels through some digital format have been able to enjoy my second published novel. While e-books are slowly but surely coming into the forefront of reading […]