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My library of items to sell is getting bigger every year, as is the amount of traffic I’m getting to my site. And with more traffic comes more customers, which requires a means of keeping all of you folks happy! Those of you who’ve been keeping up with my site’s content since day one are more […]

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Going Audio

People get their book giggles through various methods nowadays due to the power of technology, and it’s important we authors provide as many options for our supporters and fans to enjoy the adventures we offer through as many means as necessary. That’s one of the reasons why my Prossia series is no longer an Amazon […]

No More Exclusivity For Prossia

Heya! Hope everyone is enjoying this Summer heat. Ugh, it can get pretty nasty here in Georgia, lemme tell ya! Still, it could be worse. Much worse. As a matter of fact, I’m bound to get aquainted with that when I head to the Bahamas tomorrow. Ugh, crap. Just remembered to pack my sunscreen (yes, […]