Prossia Revolution : By Raphyel M. Jordan

Where Were You When You Had To Stand Up?  For Cy, Vuro, and a handful of other young alien soldiers, it begins with a lie. When their Galactic Order fuels a devastating war spawned by centuries of conspiracies, the cycle breaks once the determined warriors reveal these secrets to every planetary nation. Now they can […]

Book 2 Cover final

Who am I?

Is Aly In Prossia Revolution?

Once, again, I must put up the spoiler warning for those who haven’t read Prossia. If you have not finished the book, you do not want to read this. DON’T SAY I DIDN’T WARN YA!!! …. Let’s do a summery of what we’ve undergone so far, starting from the earliest time frame. As you know, […]

Pirate Bee Is the Sequel To Prossia???

Sooooo, remember way back when I said I was putting my Prossia series on the back burner? I take it you can tell that was a lie by now.   SPOILERS: If You Haven’t Read Prossia or Evaluations of the Tribe, STOP READING!!!!!!   While I am INDEED working on several other exciting series, I […]