Aly Portrait

Like drawing, I’ve written stories as far back as possible. In this case, it was once I was able to form basic sentences, around the age of 6 or 7. Back then, my stories were very short “graphic novels,” composed of roughly ten to twenty panels of illustrations with dialog. Ah, fun times.

However, the older I got, the more elaborate my storytelling became. Once I made it to middle school, most of my stories were fan fiction and were still in a comic or graphic novel format. However, the conflicts in my adventures were becoming more complex, as was my character development. It was only when I reached high school that I made my first attempts at writing adventures without the aid of pictures. Unfortunately, such ambitions were still a little too far-fetched for me at the time, and I never did finish anything beyond the first chapter in those days.

Then came college, my age of Renaissance :). I learned the basic foundations to creating a story during my first year, and once I had to take a break from classes, due to financial reasons, I had tons of time to work on a craft I was still quite unfamiliar with. So, when I was 19, I started to write a story about a young alien girl who was drafted into a galactic war. However, unlike my previous attempts at writing a novel, I found myself coming back to the keyboard, longing to get to the next scene, and the next, and before I knew it, two years had passed, and I had completely finished first draft to a manuscript. Fast forward three years later, that manuscript became “Prossia,” my first published novel.

Now, here I am, with a list of outlines and drafts to numerous adventures just waiting to be published. I’ve had quite the number of bumps in the road, since I’m still quite fresh to this field, but who hasn’t. If I’ve learned anything, if someone’s passionate about something, they’re going to see it through, no matter how long it takes. So, in that regards, here’s to just getting started. Let’s enjoy the ride. 😉

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