Evaluations of the Tribe

Evaluations of the Tribe
11.99 (Print) / FREE (Digital)
Series: Prossia, Book 0
Genre: Science Fiction
Length: novel
Publication Year: 2014
ISBN: 9781497455320
Two alien friends must prepare for a dangerous right of passage that will not only test their worth to their people, but also their loyalty to each other
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“You Learn. You Work. You Fight.”

These are the mandates young, alien best friends, Aly and Catty, must follow in order to be of any worth to their tribe on Planet Gooliun. Most people in their village have an entire childhood to perfect such traits. However, time is of the essence when a dangerous rite of passage meant to test these qualities is boosted years ahead of schedule.

As the Evaluations near, a strong bond is challenged and a bitter rivalry is born when playful harassment leads to violent bullying. This doesn’t take away from a real danger approaching the tribe, however. One has yet to be seen, and another is right underneath their noses.

Exciting, dangerous, and moving, Evaluations of the Tribe will take you on a gripping coming of age adventure

  • WARNING: Novel not intended for young children
  • Science fiction violence
  • Some mild language
  • Depictions of physical bullying
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