Prossia Revolution

Prossia Revolution
17.99 (Print) / 4.99 (Digital)
Series: Prossia, Book 2
Genre: Science Fiction
Length: Epic Novel
ISBN: 9781503183636
A band of alien teens must sacrifice their own morals once they begin an uprising against their corrupt galactic government
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Where Were You When You Had To Stand Up?

For Cy, Vuro, and a handful of other young alien soldiers, it begins with a lie. When their Galactic Order fuels a devastating war spawned by centuries of conspiracies, the cycle breaks once the determined warriors reveal these secrets to every planetary nation. Now they can restore the galaxy through promoting unity within diversity in the name of Prossia. Or so they thought.

Leaders and officials governing the galaxy’s nations will undergo great lengths to ensure Prossia’s failure through means of manipulation, fear, and death. In order to keep any chance of peace alive, Cy and Vuro will be forced to perform deeds they never imagined being capable of. The stakes are too high for failure, but the price they may have to pay for success might prove to be even more devastating.

The amazing follow-up to “Prossia,” fans of the trilogy will be blown away

WARNING: Novel not intended for young children

Science fiction war violence

Some strong language

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