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I started to get the college question,along with what career I had in mind, around my middle school years. Doing something in the art field was a no-brainer for me. Still, I wanted to make sure that my creative career provided a stable lifestyle as well; I didn’t want to be a starving artist. Fortunately, I was introduced to the graphic design industry in my high school days, learning how art, in its own way, could be seen and used as a corporate necessity. Wow, creating art by utilizing today’s technology– this I liked!

My interest in graphic design followed me throughout my college career at Armstrong Atlantic State University (AASU). While there, I took my passion for art and customer service, and put it to good use on campus and the Savannah, Georgia. I was a co-founder to the school’s premier graphic design  student organization, Design Matters, and I even had an internship at AASU’s Graphic Communication’s department.

After graduation, I found numerous freelance opportunities while I prepped up for Prossia, my first novel. And I have to say, being a graphic designer has its benefits when it comes to marketing my book! When I’m not designing a new logo for a client, I’m more than likely using the free time to make a killer web ad for my book. Some people would say this is tedious, but to me, I call it a privilege. Being able to create a visual presentation for a story you’re passionate about–how can I not be happy with that? :)

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