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2013-psfc-banner1On September 1, 2010, I officially became an author when I published the story about an alien girl getting drafted into a galactic war on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Back then, I was just a post-college kid trying to learn the ins-and-outs of the writing industry while trying to land some sort of graphic design job. While doing this, I figured I’d make a Facebook group called the Prossia Sci-fi Fan Club (later dubbed Prossia Geek) in order to connect with folks the best I could, and you know what? It turned out to be pretty fun! Hmm, but six years have come and gone since then, and things have most certainly changed. Had someone told me I’d be having dinner with NYT Bestsellers who’d know me by name while selling out copies of my books at conventions like DragonCon a few years later, I would’ve laughed. Thing is, that’s the reality of the world I’m in, and you guys and gals helped make that happen probably without even knowing it. Those random likes on a post or random comment on an article were what kept me pushing forward when there wasn’t any reward in sight. So, this journey is as much yours as it is mine :).

psfc-banner-10-28And look where we are now! Crazy, right? There’s no crystal ball that can tell you how the future will look. Take social media for example. Six years ago, I was certain Facebook would be the only way to connect with readers, but now I find myself getting tweets or messages from Wattpad nowadays alongside a personal mailing list that went from 77 people at the end of last year to over 2000! Yeah, time changes things, and so must we. Such is why you’re now here, reading what could be one of Prossia Geek’s final posts.

I made the announcement that the Facebook group would no longer be active about a month ago, and I received a couple of messages and comments indicating some people’s sadness or disappointment in the news. Those few frowny faces I got from supporters throughout the six-year lifespan of Prossia Geek are much appreciated, but not necessary, I assure you. Turn those frowns upside down!

Prossia Geek Logo FBProssia Geek isn’t necessarily over. It’s just changing itself into something bigger and better. Six years ago, I became the sole administrator of a single Facebook group that discussed all things pertaining to my novels along with fun things pertaining to nerd culture. Back then, I only had one story to tell and one perspective to give. Now, however, that series is on the verge of turning its final pages, and I’m ready to branch off to other fantastic stories and genres I never thought I’d be able to share. On top of that, I have an actual team of authors who you’ll be able to connect to not only through Facebook, but through Twitter, an exclusive website, and even a podcast! And that’s not to say we’ll just end there. See what’s happening here? Prossia Geek is turning into what’s being called Stories For Nerds because we don’t have to rally just behind one mere story any longer. There’s an endless number of tales out there waiting to be heard, and I feel so blessed and privileged to be able to present some of them to you.

StoriesForNerds Official Logo WEBSo, chin up, folks! You’ll still have a place to find the most exciting news or silly articles pertaining to geek and nerd culture while staying up to date on my current activities. But now you don’t have to rely only on Facebook in order to do so anymore. *Sigh* Still, I get it. A different name, a new logo, even a new slogan. It’s hard to deny the feeling of something “dying”, eh? There will always be something a little nostalgic about coming upon that page with the funky banner that hinted to a new book coming out whenever it changed color, right? That’s why I felt it fitting to return the banner to its original colors when the club changed its name for old times, sake.

And thus, we’ve arrived. The final paragraph. Let me close with this, then:

To those who just joined the club, don’t panic! Just head over to Stories For Nerds and you’ll feel right at home. And to those who’ve been active supporters of Prossia Geek or the Prossia Sci-fi Fan Club since 2010, I can’t thank you all enough, and look forward to hearing your comments on the new page. With that being said, remember our motto. “Unity Within Diversity”. Prossia Geek is officially signing off. Catch you on the flip side!

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