This is where it all started, with my original passion. Have you ever asked a couple of artists how long they’ve been drawing? I’m pretty sure you more than likely got the same answer: As long as they can remember. And it’s true. One just doesn’t randomly decide that they’re going to be an artist. No, you’re born an artist. It’s all just a matter of being willing to hone your skills as you grow up.

My farthest memory of being interested in art goes all the way back to me being 3-years-old. My middle brother drew a drawing of a cowboy action figure, and I wanted to do the same drawing, but better. Now, I’m not going to lie. If you saw the drawing, you’ll definitely know it was drawn by a 3-year old! ^_^ Still, that drawing would lead to numerous of other drawings, which would become a favorite hobby of mine.

Jump forward into kindergarten and the chalkboard. I remember using my free time to draw whenever I could. One day, I remember using the entire board to draw an image of my favorite heroes. I eventually heard the other kids whispering behind me. When I turned around, all of the boys in the class had stopped what they were doing to watch me finish. I think that was the first instant where I thought my eyes could create something a little more…defined than my other classmates.

And now that I look back at it, it makes perfect sense. While my friends were drawing dots for eyes in 1st grade, my people had pupils. When people had learned to settle for stick figures in middle school, I was trying to learn how to draw the human bust with an actual nose, neck and collar. My friends were going to the mall and movies on Friday nights during high school, but I just wanted to lay in the middle of my bedroom floor and draw all the way into morning.

A crayon went into a pencil. A pencil changed into colored pencils. Colored pencils got switched out for acrylics. Acrylics  were replaced with something more fitting to my particular field, a wacom tablet (though I can’t deny my love for the traditional media). I love to draw. When I have a picture stuck in my head, it just has to come out. I must see it with my own eyes, so others can enjoy it as well.

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