Prossia Book 3: Cover Reveal


We’re slowly but surely getting to publication day, so it’s time to reveal the official book covers to Solution Uprising, Prossia Book 3. For those of you who do not know, I design both a digital and a print version of the books in the Prossia series, which is why there are always two variants. But enough about that. Here are the two covers!

book-3-2016-print-coverflatweb book-3-2016-e-cover


You like? I hope so! The E-book of Solution Uprising is now ready for pre-orders on all major online retailers… *sigh* besides Amazon -_- (those jerks). So, if you’d like to have it show up in your library the instant it comes out, all you have to do is hit the link below (You’re welcome 😉 ).


Pre-Order Solution Uprising Now

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