Prossia Book 4 Update


Howdy! How is everybody doing? Great, I hope. October was a ridiculously busy month with ¬†publishing two books. Oi, I dunno if I’ll be able to pull off that stunt again, especially since my “Adult Halloween Coloring Book” turned out to be a bust -_-. Meh. It happens.

Gee, I know. Prossia Book 3 hasn’t even been out for a month yet and I’m already talking about the next installment. That’s what happens when a book is so big you have to split it in two!

Book 4 will be the final book in the Prossia series, and then I’ll be venturing to different adventures and characters. I finished completing my edit run last weekend and it’s now in the hands of my proofreader as we speak. I was hoping for a Holiday 2016 release date, and from the looks of things, that seems pretty plausible. Now I just need to work on interior illustrations and cover art in the meantime. :)

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