Prossia Geek Will Be No More

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It was a great ride while it lasted, but all things must come to an end…well, sort of. Prossia Geek has been in existence for six years, debuting on Facebook with the first published edition of Prossia back in 2010. That social network has undergone tons of changes over the past couple of years, however, and connecting with my readers there isn’t as effective as it used to be. On top of that, my library of novels are going to expand beyond the Prossia series, so I’m expanding my platform.

So, all that being said, Prossia Geek will no longer be active after September, as I put all of my social network focus on Stories For Nerds and its podcast. Regardless, don’t fret, Prossia Geek faithful. Stories For Nerds will offer you the same amazing posts and content that Geek offered you, and more since it will have even more focus on books.

Check Out Stories For Nerds on Facebook & Twitter . Annnnnd in other news…


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